Former NBA Director of Officials on Raptors-Kings: “2.4 really means 2.7”

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Ronnie Nunn was an NBA referee for 19 years, and served as Director of Officials for five before being demoted after the Tim Donaghy scandal. Nunn was a part of the NBA for 27 years and his experience lends him special insight into officiating matters around the league, including what happened between the Sacramento Kings and Toronto Raptors on Sunday night.

Much has been written about the incident in which a tipped inbounds pass by DeMarcus Cousins changed the timing of the game enough to negate a 3-pointer by Toronto’s Terrence Ross to send the game into overtime.

Now, Nunn has weighed in on Twitter to account for the 0.3 seconds that may have swayed the game in the favor of the Kings.

Responding to a question online, Nunn said that 0.3 seconds is typically a variance accounted for due to human response time. Most notably, Nunn said that 2.4 seconds then is really about 2.7 seconds of real time.

That thinking would have changed the end of the game as referees on Sunday counted 2.5 seconds had passed from Cousins’ tip to Ross’ release.

The league released an extensive report after examining a significant portion of the end of the game and ruled that it was handled correctly.

Meanwhile, the Raptors are apparently protesting the result.