Report: Raptors to protest loss to Kings


The Last Two Minute Report said officials – between referees on the court and reviewers in Secaucus, N.J. – got everything right in the final minute. The NBA even released a second statement clarifying just how right the calls were.

Yet, that’s apparently not enough for the Raptors after their controversial loss to the Kings on Sunday.

Doug Smith of the Toronto Star:

Toronto has until 11:40 p.m. Eastern tonight (48 hours after the game ended) to file the protest. It will cost a filing fee of $10,000 – which the league returns if the protest is successful and keeps if it’s not.

Expect the NBA to be $10,000 richer.

Only one protest has been upheld in the last 33 years. The league has already laid out its reasons to rule against the Raptors. It’d take an amazing argument by Toronto to reverse all that momentum.

This situation stinks, and one team was inevitably going to get the shaft. Terrence Ross made what would have been the game-tying 3-pointer before time expired on the floor. But the Raptors had 2.4 seconds to get a shot off. Ross took 2.5 seconds, counting the time from DeMarcus Cousins tipping the inbound pass. Would Ross have shot quicker if he knew the clock had – in effect, though not on the court – already started? Maybe. But we can’t know that, and giving Toronto a second chance would have unfairly punished the Kings, who did everything necessary to get a stop. Then again, forcing the Raptors to play without clear understanding of the time unfairly punished them.

Like I said, this situation stinks. However the NBA rules on Toronto’s protest won’t change that.