Report: NBA, players union likely to officially agree to new Collective Bargaining Agreement week of Dec. 5

Pete Marovich/Getty Images

National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts is meeting with her constituents to rally support for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. NBA commissioner Adam Silver is likely doing something similar with owners.

When could that be done?

David Aldridge of

Keep the week of Dec. 5 open. Barring significant last-minute snags in negotiations, that’s when I’m hearing it’s likely there will be an official agreement between the league and the union on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Nothing will happen before Thanksgiving, and the two sides will probably use the post-Thanksgiving week to inform their respective constituents about the highlights of the deal. After that, the new deal replacing the current one is likely to be ratified, ensuring labor peace for the next several years.

Dec. 15 is the deadline for either side to opt out of the current CBA, effective July 1. But it appears it won’t come to that – which is great news for anyone who enjoys watching the NBA.

It seems most key issues have already been handled. A few questions remain publicly, but it’s possible those issues have already been agreed upon at the negotiating table.

No matter how much work precisely remains, the exact finish line being in such clear sight is fantastic news.