Raptors’ Terrence Ross’ game-tying three waived off in controversial win for Kings


The person managing the clock in Sacramento screwed up — and that screwed the Raptors over. They should have been given another chance.

Let’s take a step back for context. The final ninety seconds of the Kings win over Toronto was gripping basketball. Not well played, but like an accident on the highway you couldn’t turn away. A monster Rudy Gay dunk had put Sacramento up 102-97. The next big play was Darren Collison foolishly fouling Kyle Lowry on a three-pointer with :27.2 left, but Lowry hit just two of three. The Kings tried to eat up the remaining time, but they didn’t hit the rim on a shot, giving them a :24-second violation, and the refs said there were 2.4 seconds on the clock (although that math didn’t work out, should have been 3.2). The Raptors had one last chance to tie, and Dave Joerger interestingly decided not to foul, and let it play out.

On the inbound pass, DeMarcus Cousins tips it, but the clock didn’t start immediately. Terrence Ross picked up the ball, took two dribbles and nailed the three to force OT.

Except, upon review, the referees said that the clock should have started when Cousins touched the ball and that meant the shot did not get off on time. The officials waived off the shot. Game over.

As you might expect, the Raptors lost it upon that call. The home official running the clock screws up, and the visiting team gets punished? If the clock had started earlier, maybe Ross could have shot sooner (he was facing the clock, but the look wouldn’t have been good). My thought, why not replay the final seconds again? Because the Raptors had to go by what the clock said not what it should have read.

Here is what the game official said afterward.

When asked about it after the game, all Kyle Lowry would say is “no comment.” Patrick Patterson took to Twitter, and he nailed it.

And yes Kings fans, you can say that Patterson fouled Cousins the play before, that wasn’t called, but that doesn’t make the end of the game call right. It wasn’t. And if the league wants to say that it follows the letter of the law, then that needs to change because it didn’t follow common sense.