Omri Casspi on Kings coach Dave Joerger: ‘We haven’t talked since preseason’

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Omri Casspi denied that he requested a trade from the Kings.

But that doesn’t mean Casspi is copacetic with everything in Sacramento.

Matt George of Cowbell Kingdom:

Earlier this week, head coach Dave Joerger held a team meeting to announce his permanent rotation going forward. Casspi was nowhere on it. He was asked if he had gotten any kind of explanation or one-on-one time with Joerger.

“We haven’t talked since preseason. It was a team-wide meeting only,” Casspi said.

Joerger might characterize their communication differently, but whether this is precisely accurate matters only so much. Casspi is dismayed enough to say this publicly. That alone makes it a problem.

Keeping Casspi on the bench isn’t necessarily the wrong move. He has struggled in limited minutes this season, and the Kings have other capable combo forwards.

But this is another fissure on a team that has repeatedly had communication breakdowns.

It’s almost as if it starts at the top.