Someone made a LeBron James musical in the style of “Hamilton” (VIDEO)


LeBron James has had a life that seems perfect for Hollywood scriptwriters some day. A prodigy, a savior, a villain, and a son returned has happened all within his basketball career.

Now, someone has made a mini-musical in the style of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway hit “Hamilton”.

In a video by a company called Dose, the story of James’ life is told in one blended, musically-choreographed number. It follows him from child, to rookie, to his sit down with Jim Gray for The Decision, to Miami, and eventually back to Cleveland.

There are a number of cameos, including characters meant to portray Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

It’s certainly well-produced, even if the production company did sort of cheap out and make the characters look a little goofy with the wide-shouldered $50 Revolution jerseys instead of the on-court appropriate Swingmans.

No doubt this is a precursor to an eventual movie about LeBron’s life. Space Jam 2, anyone?