Dwight Howard on ejection: “I am making no apologies for it”

hawks dwight howard

Dwight Howard was tossed during the fourth quarter of Friday night’s game against the Charlotte Hornets. The Atlanta Hawks big man karate chopped Hornets forward Cody Zeller during a rebound attempt, elbowing him in the face.

Replay clearly showed Howard swinging much higher than would be necessary — or reasonable to expect from an excellent career rebounder — and deemed it worthy of an ejection.

After the game, Howard apparently felt no remorse.

From ESPN:

“It wasn’t like I tried to hit him in the face,” Howard said after the game, “but my job is to protect my house at all costs. I am making no apologies for it. I can’t do nothing but live with it.”

Asked if he thought the foul was flagrant, Howard responded, “It’s basketball.”

Zeller — who already broke his nose and played with a protective mask two seasons ago — said he didn’t think Howard’s play was particularly dirty, instead concentrating on the upside with Howard gone.

“It was a huge play in the game because they couldn’t go to him late in the game and we went on a run,” said Zeller.

Charlotte beat Atlanta, 100-96, snapping a six-game Hawks winning streak.