Draymond Green chastises Celtics fans for booing Durant, says it could cost them other free agents


Last summer, Kevin Durant sat down and met with Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics’ brass, he listened to their pitch about why he should play for the Celtics. While Durant has said nothing but positive things about Boston and its pitch, he obviously chose Golden State.

Friday night, Golden State came to Boston, and some Celtics fans decided to let Durant know they didn’t like his decision — they booed him every time he touched the ball.

After the game, Draymond Green ripped the fans for it. You can see his comments above, via CSNNE.com.

“Fans must be desperate. Like, who boos a guy for taking an interview? That’s crazy. I don’t get that. Y’all booing somebody for interviewing with y’all? Man, they may scare free agents away. You don’t want to take an interview and then make enemies for taking an interview. I don’t know. They may want to be careful with that….

“If you’re that mad at what somebody else did with [their] life, you need to evaluate your own life. He made a personal decision for his life, for his happiness, for his career. And if people that mad, they need to reevaluate where their head is at in life. Because I don’t know if I can stay that mad at somebody for deciding to do something with their life. That’s a slippery slope.”

Durant, for his part, pretty much blew the boos off, saying he had “no hard feelings” and praising the passion of the Boston fans. Durant finished with 23 points on 13 shots, plus 10 rebounds and seven assists in the Golden State win.

I don’t know that future free agents are going to make decisions about who they meet with based on Durant getting boos, elite players are not that thin-skinned. I think Green is overstating that impact.

But he’s not wrong about the big picture — booing a guy because he met with your team and went another direction? That’s junior high. At best. If OKC fans want to boo Durant for breaking their hearts — and they will — that makes sense. I can see Mavericks fans booing DeAndre Jordan after the way he handled his decision. But Boston fans weren’t “defending the honor of their city,” they were acting like petulant children throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their way.