Report: Jazz prioritizing contract extension for George Hill over Derrick Favors

Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images
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The Jazz are more than $13 million under the salary cap – money that could go toward a renegotiation-and-extension for Derrick Favors or George Hill.

Essentially, Utah could provide a raise in salary this season – when it has a surplus of money to spend – in exchange for the player(s) locking up long-term. It’s the type of compromise, rarely available except in a year the salary cap boomed due to the new national TV contracts, that prompted revised deals for Russell Westbrook and James Harden.

The Jazz probably can’t renegotiate-and-extend both Favors and Hill, though. Utah doesn’t have enough cap room to offer either a max salary this season, and while it might not take a $13 million bump to entice one to sign (though it might), it’s hard to see enough money being left for the other.

So, Favors or Hill?

Marc Stein of ESPN:

According to the latest rumbles in circulation on the matter, Hill has emerged as Utah’s priority here.

Hill’s contract expires this summer, and Favors’ runs to 2018. So there’s more time to figure out something for Favors.

Favors might also be more reluctant to amend his deal now.

He’s in his seventh season, which would qualifying him for a higher max tier next season based on the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (though that could change). He’s also five years younger than Hill and has mostly been better. This might not be the time to lock in long-term.

Rudy Gobert‘s contract extension will cut into the their cap space next summer and Gordon Hayward‘s free agency will be a determining factor, but it’s at least possible the Jazz could renegotiate-and-extend Favors next summer. And at worst, they’ll have him another full season.

For a Hill extension, it’s now or never. That urgency – and potentially his greater desire to complete a deal – makes him the more likely candidate.