GM Bob Myers: Warriors aren’t trading Klay Thompson

klay thompson
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Brian Scalabrine lent credence to a Klay Thompson trade rumor so absurd, not only did anonymous sources debunk it, Scalabrine also did so himself.

Yet, that wasn’t enough.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers on 95.7 The Game, via CSN Bay Area:

“We’re not trading Klay, that’s the short answer. I don’t know what else you want to talk about.”

Myers also took Scalabrine to task for amplifying such a clearly made-up trade rumor, especially without calling to check its veracity.

But Myers didn’t have to say so unequivocally he wouldn’t trade Thompson. Myers was obviously never going to say he would trade Thompson, but the general manager could have remained vague.

The Warriors have two elite scorers in Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Though still extremely helpful, Thompson has become more redundant. Its possible trading the shooting guard would strengthen Golden State.

Yet, if you take Myers at his word – on a pledge he made voluntarily – Thompson isn’t going anywhere.