Warriors spoil, Doris Burke salvages Drake Night for Drake

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

It was Drake Night in Toronto last night, and the rapper wore a fantastic Doris Burke shirt that said, “Woman Crush Everyday.”

He even invited Burke to a private dinner during his on-court interview:

But the Warriors – several of whom are friendly with Drake – tried to ruin Drake Night, and they beat his Raptors. They also tried to show him up personally.

Stephen Curry hit a 3-pointer and taunted Drake:

Drake bumped Kevin Durant during the forward’s postgame interview, and Durant said:

I don’t give a damn about no damn Drake Night.

Draymond Green interrupted Andre Iguodala‘s postgame interview to say:

Drake’s boots cost them the game tonight.

At his own postgame press conference, Green added:

He’s been talking junk for a couple weeks now, talking about they were going to beat us and it’s Drake Night. A little disappointed. The shirt was nice. The shirt was really nice. But the boots were so bad. So, I was a little disappointed in his outfit overall. It’s Drake Night, you’ve got to bring better boots than that. So, that was kind of disappointing to me. But it was fun.

At least Drake ended the night with a silver lining: