Russell Wilson: “Seattle needs basketball back”

russell wilson

Russell Wilson announced via Twitter on Monday that he was joining the ownership group pushing to return the SuperSonics to Seattle.

Now, Wilson has penned his feelings about doing so in The Players’ Tribune.

In the article, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback says that, as a kid of the ’90s, he had love for the SuperSonics.

Even though we lived in Virginia, I got a Sonics jersey one Christmas and I used to put it on and go play hoops out in front of the house, pretending I was Gary Payton. I’m not going to lie, though. Some days I’d put on my Bulls jersey and stick my tongue out and pretend I was MJ, too. I was flexible.

That’s how a lot of kids learn to dream. Whether it’s through video games or getting a replica jersey or a pair of your favorite player’s Nikes for Christmas, there’s nothing like the feeling of pretending to be your hero. It’s crazy to me that kids growing up in Seattle now turn on NBA 2K and they can’t even play as the Sonics. It doesn’t seem right that they’re gone. They were a part of my childhood, and I grew up 2,840 miles away.

As a Seattle resident myself, it does feel a little silly walking around a city this size and it not having an NBA team. Still, arena deals are tough and the right opportunity does have to come along.

It seems as though the ownership group led by Chris Hansen is gathering steam, and adding Wilson to the mix is only going to help it. Seattle loves their Seahawks, and Wilson could add some political heft come time to seal the deal for a new arena in SoDo.