Dwight Howard: I told my mom as a prank I signed with Jazz, and it brought her to tears

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Dwight Howard cried at his introductory press conference with his hometown Hawks, but those weren’t the first tears shed by a member of his family over his free agency.

Howard, via The Doug Gottlieb Show:

I played a prank on my mom. I wanted to see her reaction. So, I told her, I said, “Mom, I just got this big contract, 150 million.” And she was all, “Oh my god. From who?” I said, “Utah Jazz.” And she started crying. And I said, “Mom, I’m sorry, I was just joking. I’m coming home to Atlanta.” Then, she was super happy, and my family was super excited. This city has been great.

Because Howard has never won in the playoffs (he led a team to the NBA Finals) nor improved (his defense and post moves are way more refined), we’re required to treat this as another example of Howard being unfocused and too concerned with cracking jokes.

It’s too bad we can’t laugh at this, because it’d be pretty funny.