Blazers announcer does play-by-play for comedian pickup game (VIDEO)


Brian Wheeler — known to Portland Trail Blazers fans as “Wheels” — is a legendary radio voice in the Pacific Northwest. He’s also a huge comedy fan, known to show up at Portland’s Helium Comedy Club with regularity when the Blazers aren’t matching up against an NBA foe.

That’s what led to this great video, where the long-time professional voice of the Trail Blazers announced a game of pickup basketball between a group of local Portland comedians, including Alex Falcone and Zak Toscani.

“Brian was going to be a guest on a comedy show Alex runs called Late Night Action,” Toscani told NBC Sports. “We needed ideas, so I suggested that we just play basketball and have Wheels do the play-by-play. Alex just took it from there.”

The whole thing was shot using multiple cameras at a local high school, and the tape was then sent to Wheeler to lay the play-by-play over the top.

It’s a great idea for a video, and if you’re a basketball fan probably something you’ve done for yourself at one point or another.

Who among us hasn’t been in our driveway, late a night, with a ball and the concrete contemplating a tight, end-of-game situation while narrating in our local announcer’s voice?

These guys got the real deal.