NBA: Rockets held off Spurs by two after incorrectly uncalled shooting foul in final seconds (video)

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The Rockets beat the Spurs 101-99 on Wednesday, and the narrative focused on James Harden‘s triple-double.

But a different story could’ve been told if the referees reversed the only incorrect call in the Last Two Minute Report.

Nene should’ve been called for fouling Kawhi Leonard on Leonard’s last shot, according to the report:

Nene (HOU) jumps from point A to point B and makes contact with Leonard’s (SAS) body on the shot attempt.

That would’ve sent Leonard, who has made 84% of his free throws his career and 97% this season, to the line for attempts. Sinking both would’ve tied the game. Though that might have left time for a Houston desperate shot, the game likely would’ve reached overtime.

In reality, LaMarcus Aldridge missed a tip-in, and the Rockets escaped with a win.