Brian Scalabrine, Warriors downplay Klay Thompson trade rumor that Scalabrine amplified

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Warriors might have one too many primary scorers with Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. They’re also middling defensively and poor on the glass. The Collective Bargaining Agreement looms as a threat to their roster.

Could Golden State flip a scorer for help elsewhere and greater salary-cap flexibility?

Brian Scalabrine, via SiriusXM NBA Radio

This weekend, I heard Klay Thompson might be available.

I heard that rumor going around, and it was specifically to a team that wears green.

I’m not making this up. I think it has been written.

Scalabrine speculated a deal could involve the Celtics trading Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley to the Warriors and a Nets pick to a third team, which would sent a rim protect to Golden State.

That makes a reasonable amount of sense.

Crowder and Bradley are adept at doing the little things a team like the Warriors needs done. Golden State could also use a rim protector whose value is commensurate with a Brooklyn pick – say, for example, Nerlens Noel. (Though reported potential CBA changes with Noel’s cap hold could make maxing out Curry and Durant even more difficult.)

Boston would get its long-coveted star. Pooling assets works for the Celtics, because they’re so rich with players, picks and cap flexibility.

The biggest problem: This rumor isn’t grounded in reality.

Sam Amick of USA Today:

Scalabrine himself:

Scalabrine also directed followers to his source – the type of content-farm website that generates hits through sensationalized and downright false rumors, sports and otherwise. The site immediately launched multiple virusy pop-ups.

There’s a reason nobody who thoughtfully covers the NBA noticed this “rumor” until Scalabrine brought it up. The original source should’ve been ignored.

No, we can move on from this as something Boston or Golden State is actually discussing. But as a trade idea? Yeah, it’s somewhat interesting.