Mavericks, Cuban reinstate credentials for ESPN reporters

mark cuban
Getty Images

Mark Cuban is no longer banning ESPN reporters from Dallas Mavericks home games. That’s what a late, Friday night report from Sports Illustrated says.

The Mavericks and previously pulled credentials for ESPN reporters Marc Stein and Tim MacMahon. Cuban’s reasoning was that it was a preemptive strike of sorts against automated content creation.

ESPN’s John Skipper released this in a statement as a response:

“There have been several conversations relative to the concerns Mark has raised. Mark and I both agree that content written by individuals on site is much better. To be clear, ESPN has never contemplated automated reporting for our NBA coverage. We remain committed to first-person reporting on the NBA. As we did last year, we plan to continue to be present at most Dallas Mavericks home games. When we are not in the building, our game recaps going forward will continue to utilize AP first-person reports. In all cases, in order for fans to be able to access more game coverage of their favorite team, we will now link to team sites, such as, in our game recaps. I appreciate the role Commissioner Silver played in reaching this resolution.”

Presumably there won’t be any issues for Stein and MacMahon at Mavericks games from here on out.