La La Anthony says referee “hates” Carmelo after ejection (VIDEO)

carmelo tony brothers

Carmelo Anthony got tossed from the New York Knicks’ Friday night loss to the Boston Celtics, 115-87.

Anthony was ejected by referee Tony Brothers late in the second quarter after diving for a loose ball. It appeared to be a routine situation, and to the naked and unbiased eye an oddity for the veteran scorer to get pushed out of a game so quickly.

Video of Anthony’s ejection is pretty strange:

It’s possible Anthony said some key words to Brothers, but his level of emotion didn’t seem to be over the scale of what’s normally acceptable in the NBA.

However, La La Anthony — Carmelo’s wife — said it’s actually a personal issue between Brothers and her husband.

Brothers didn’t agree with La La and refuted her claim he has an issue with Carmelo.

If Brothers is maintaining that Anthony was tossed for bad language, he must of hit some choice words. If you’ve ever sat close enough at an NBA game you know that there’s an acceptable level during play. Direct curses at an official, though, might get you tossed.