Kobe Bryant on death: “I’m comfortable with it”


Kobe Bryant is a youthful 38-year-old former all-time NBA player. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t thought about death, or isn’t comfortable with the death of his life on the basketball court.

In an interview with The Ringer, Bryant said he had a serious moment of thought while going through the Achilles injury that ultimately signaled the start of the end of his career.

From The Ringer:

When I injured my Achilles, then it became something where it’s, OK, this is immediate, right? The end of my career could be now. So since I was 21 years old and thinking, OK, I have to figure out what comes next. You kind of brainstorm, you ideate, but you never really execute anything. And when the injury happened, I said, “OK, no, I need to start building now.” And that’s when the turning point was for me.

Bryant has seemed more relaxed in recent months. As one of the hardest-working players in NBA history, Bryant’s lust for perfection bordered on the insane for some. But now he says he doesn’t even really miss playing the game, and he’s so involved with writing that he almost missed his final game.

Bryant brought that last part up during his interview with HBO, too, mentioning that what he’s deeply involved in the process.

Storytelling for me is the no. 1 thing. It’s writing. It’s outlining. It’s creating narratives that can inspire the next generation of athletes. What are those things? And not from merely a documentary perspective, but from a fantasy perspective, from a mythology perspective. What are those stories that we can use to teach the next generation of athletes? Not just about the sport, but teach them about life through sport. How do we make those connections? That’s what I obsess over every single day.