TNT’s Ernie Johnson reflects on Trump: “I’m praying”

ernie johnson

Ernie Johnson is an important part of TNT’s Inside the NBA crew, often acting as the lynchpin to discussions that can sometimes go off the rails between jovial former players.

On Thursday, the conversation on-set in Atlanta turned to the presidential election, and Donald Trump in particular.

Johnson had this to say about Trump:

We’ve seen a lot of commentary around the NBA since Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in electoral votes on Tuesday. Stan Van Gundy had an epic speech. LeBron James said he didn’t know if he would visit the White House with Trump in it as an NBA champion. Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri said Trump’s election makes his Canadian team more attractive in free agency.

Interesting to see from figures around the league, and excellent from a standpoint of openness with regard to Adam Silver letting his players, coaches, and GMs speak their minds.

Even if you don’t agree with Johnson’s point of view, it’s noteworthy that TNT spent the time to let their on-air talent express themselves.