Golden State Warriors throw “Super Villains” party

warriors super villains

The Golden State Warriors are the super villains of the NBA. Looks like they’ve embraced it, for better or for worse.

Thanks to an Instagram from Warriors forward Draymond Green, we got a unique insight into just how much Golden State players are getting into the spirit.

It apparently involves shiny silver balloons (natch).

That’s a real party. Nothing says super villains like JaVale McGee flying the kind of drones 14-year-old YouTubers use.

Perhaps worst of all, the Warriors created a Snapchat geo filter for their party. Seriously:

Having made and implemented one of these things before, I can tell you that it’s not exactly hard but it does involve some planning.

This is some high quality meta joking around by the Warriors. It’s corny as all get out, too, which is OK with me. As long as they don’t actually buy into it too much, I think they’ll be fine.

The rest of the NBA, on the other hand? They’re doomed.