Watch Stephen Curry set NBA record with 13 three pointers in one game


When he’s shooting like this, there’s nothing anyone can do.

Friday night, Stephen Curry went 0-of-10 from three, ending his record 157 consecutive games with a made three streak and being a key part of the Warriors loss to the Lakers. He had clean looks in that game, he just missed.

Monday night, it looked like he couldn’t miss.

Curry set a new NBA record hitting 13 threes in one game as part of the Warriors win at home over the Pelicans. Curry shot 13-of-17 from beyond the arc and finished with 46 points, leading the Warriors to the 116-106 victory. Curry was also making plays on defense and just had one of those nights — the Pelicans paid the price for Curry’s off night in L.A.

Watch all the record-setting threes below.