Report: Phil Jackson displeased with Knicks’ use of triangle, players also unhappy about offense

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Phil Jackson looms over the Knicks.

How will he use his power?

Apparently to complain about how coach Jeff Hornacek has implemented Jackson’s desired triangle offense.

Ian Begley of ESPN:

Phil Jackson hasn’t been pleased with the New York Knicks’ performance on offense — particularly with the amount of times the team has run the triangle offense — during their 2-4 start, league sources told ESPN.

According to sources, some Knicks players have expressed their displeasure over the offense because they feel it doesn’t suit their personnel, particularly point guard Derrick Rose, who has traditionally thrived when using pick and rolls.

The big question: What comes next? It’s no big deal if Jackson dislikes the game plan but allows Hornacek latitude to run the team as the coach sees fit. It’s a much bigger issue if Jackson demands changes. Either way, we’ll get a clearer picture of whether Hornacek has to run the triangle. That the players apparently already think New York runs too much triangle only adds a complication.

My suggestion: Let Hornacek use whatever offense he deems best, and worry about the defense instead. The Knicks are middling offensively, getting decent production from their pick-and-roll-oriented players when playing to their strengths, and horrendous defensively. If they need the expertise of Jackson, who coached 11 teams to championships, it’s on defense.

But Jackson has tied his legacy to the triangle offense, so all the fretting will occur around that.