Josh Smith signs in China

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As training camps opened, 12-year NBA veteran Josh Smith clearly stated his goal – to remain in the NBA. Smith, via Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports:

“My main goal is that I am an NBA player,” Smith said. “Being able to go overseas, people are professional, but the NBA is what I have built myself to do. I’m still hungry. If I jumped to leave my NBA chances behind, I feel it would’ve been an act of desperation.

About that…


Defending champion Sichuan Blue Whales (CBA) agreed terms with 31-year old American forward Josh Smith

This wasn’t an act of desperation. This was an act of reality.

NBA rosters are full, and nobody seems to have much interest in Smith. He’s on the wrong side of 30, too often a pain in the locker room and coming off a dismal season. He was forgettable with the Clippers aside from a heated argument with an assistant coach then just lousy with the Rockets after a midseason trade. That he couldn’t recreate any success in Houston, where he was up and down in 2014-15, is telling. Remember, he became a free agent to join the Rockets in 2014 only after the Pistons ate an unprecedented amount of salary to waive him outright.

Smith will try to build a case for joining the NBA after the Chinese Basketball Association season ends in the spring. Roster dynamics could be more favorable to him then. He’ll also earn some money in the interim.

I wouldn’t rule out Smith playing in the NBA again. Not even close. But there’s a reason he’s not in the league right now.