John Wall ejected late in Wizards loss on quick trigger call

Getty Images

John Wall was frustrated and fired up Monday night — the Wizards have had a rough start to the season and were down five late to the Rockets at home (a game Houston would ultimately win, dropping the Wizards to 1-5).

Wall had picked up a technical foul earlier in the game, then this happened between Wall and crew chief Marc Davis with 33.3 seconds remaining.

That got Wall a second technical and an ejection. Here is the explanation from the officials.

To me, that’s too quick a trigger by Davis.

Should Wall have talked back and sworn at an official (assuming he did)? No. But that was a minor incident with almost no time left in a close game, Davis has to know players are emotional and let some things go. Wall didn’t intentionally bump the ref or get in his face, he was walking away. This was the official’s ego getting in the way.

Wall has a bit of a reputation and doesn’t get slack from the officials, sort of like DeMarcus Cousins and Matt Barnes are never given the benefit of the doubt. Still, this is the referee who doesn’t quite go the full Cartman but is headed down the “respect my authoritah” road. The official needs to be the calmer head, and he wasn’t.