Report: Players’ union chief to tour teams, talk to players about new CBA


In the latest optimistic sign that a new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement is close…

NBA Players’ Union Executive Director Michelle Roberts is about to go on tour, talking to players around the league about the details of the new deal in person. Via ESPN’s Ian Begley and Dave McMenamin:

Union boss Michele Roberts plans to meet with all players in person in the coming weeks to discuss the new labor agreement, sources tell ESPN’s Dave McMenamin and I. This is another sign that an agreement between the NBA and NBPA is imminent. The league and Players Association have made progress on a new agreement in recent weeks and there remains optimism on both sides that a deal will get done.

Reports are the new CBA could be settled in the next couple of weeks, it’s just a matter of crossing a few “Ts.”

Both the NBA and the Union have done a very good job keeping the details under wraps, but is what we know of the deal:

• The roughly 50/50 split of revenue will remain (there’s a complicated formula based on projections that can move it a percentage point either way). Money is always the biggest hurdle in these negotiations, agreeing to this split eased these negotiations.

• The NBA will create a fund to help with medical expenses and more for retired players who need it, particularly older ones that have been out of the league for some time.

• The college one-and-done rule will remain.

• The scaled salaries for rookies will increase.

• There will be some changes to cap holds and other details.