Because of Vice President campaigning, some Cavaliers had to Uber to game Saturday


Add some Cavaliers players to the long list of Americans who can’t wait for this election to be over…

LeBron James was on stage with Hillary Clinton Sunday trying to help her motivate her base in the swing state of Ohio. The day before, his teammates were stuck in campaign traffic and were later than normal arriving at the game.

Saturday the Cavaliers took on the Sixers in Philadelphia — in Pennsylvania, another swing state. That’s also where Vice President Joe Biden was campaigning for Clinton, and the Cavaliers team bus was on the wrong side of his motorcade. From Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

After their bus was stopped for more than 20 minutes waiting for the motorcade to pass, Kyrie Irving, J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert left it along with team security personnel and hopped in an Uber to finish their trip to the Wells Fargo Center.

They arrived approximately 65 minutes before tipoff….

“My whole warm-up’s jacked,” Shumpert told a team staffer. “I’m going to have an attitude. Better not get fouled hard tonight.”

The trio didn’t beat the team bus by much, according to the report, but you can’t blame the guys. There are few things as frustrating as sitting helplessly in traffic when you have somewhere to be.

Those guys had been on the second team bus (NBA teams usually run two buses to games, one for guys who want to get in early for a workout/to hone parts of their game, the second 45 minutes later and that usually has the veterans and guys that will play most of the game).