Rudy Gobert dunks on Kristaps Porzingis, swats him at the rim (VIDEO)

gobert porzingis
Associated Press

Rudy Gobert recently signed a contract in excess of $100 million. Looks like that’s probably going to work out for the Utah Jazz.

During the game at MSG between the New York Knicks and Jazz on Sunday, Gobert had several amazing plays in the painted area against fellow 7-footer Kristaps Porzingis.

The first came with a few minutes left in the fourth quarter, when Gobert nicely found space at the top of the key, then rolled toward the rim as Porzingis left to help on George Hill.

Two possessions later — as the Knicks desperately tried to save the game — Gobert came up big to swat Porzingis at the left side of the rim.

Utah went on to win, 114-109.