Joel Embiid with impressive chasedown goaltend on LeBron James


Joel Embiid did not get the best of LeBron James Saturday — the play above was a goaltend, LeBron went at him later and scored, the Cavaliers still won the game — but as he has done since Day 1, Embiid turned heads. He looks special.

No more so than on the play above, when Embiid tried take LeBron’s signature move of a chasedown block and turn the tables. Embiid was a step late and it was a goaltend — the ball hit the backboard first — but it didn’t make the play less impressive.

Embiid had 22 points on the night, he hit four threes, and he showed all the reasons he is going to be a force as he develops. LeBron, well, he was LeBron. He finished with 25 points and 14 assists. The result was a 102-101 win for the Cavs — and those two put on a show.