Damian Lillard hits 3-pointer vs. Grizzlies from center court logo (VIDEO)

damian lillard grizzlies

Damian Lillard is a long-range 3-point shooter, we all know that by now. But the Portland Trail Blazers guard has taken it to another level over the summer, it seems.

Against the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday, Lillard strolled near mid-court, less than a foot from the edge of the logo, and casually hit a 3-point shot.

To boot, he even hit the back of the iron.

Lillard has done this a few times already this season, which makes me wonder if he practiced this specific sequence over the summer. It’s a part of the floor where not many opposing defenders have instincts to stay tight, and if you have the strength and the accuracy, you might as well gun it.

Portland defeated Memphis, 100-94.