Paul George ejected for kicking ball that hits fan


There was not a lot of malice here, he did not go Lionel Messi on the ball. Doesn’t matter. Paul George rightfully was ejected and is going to pay a hefty fine for this.

It started in the third quarter when Jimmy Butler drove the basket and George was called for a foul. PG13 was a little frustrated, and as the ball rolled along the baseline he kicked it — and it flew into the stands and hit a fan. George instantly walks over and apologizes, nobody seems terribly put out by all of it.

But kicking a ball into the stands is an automatic ejection. There is no gray area here.

Because of the lack of malice I don’t expect a suspension for this, but the NBA’s fine/suspension system is pretty much roulette so who knows what number comes up.

The Pacers hung on to win the game 111-94.