Lakers now break huddle with Metta World Peace’s “I love basketball”

Getty Images

Metta World Peace loves basketball.

So much so that he said it earlier this season after a made free throw, and as these things happen it became a thing in the NBA Twitterverse. Here is the original.

The Lakers have adopted this as a mantra.

If you’ve watched the Lakers this season that the most noticeable difference under Luke Walton:


Love of the game.

It was evident as the Lakers knocked off Golden State — as much as it was Stephen Curry missing threes, it was the Lakers playing with pace and energy. The ball is moving, the players are moving. There is passion there again after they have been released from the Byron Scott shackles, and the Lakers are watchable again (not to dismiss out of hand the Kobe Bryant farewell tour, but that was hard to watch basketball for long stretches).

If World Peace can help instill this in a young team, he’s worth the contract.