Kevin Durant on Russell Westbrook’s photographer outfit: ‘Who gives a s—?’

AP Photo/Ben Margot

Russell Westbrook arrived for last night’s Warriors-Thunder game dressed as a photographer.

That photography is a hobby of Kevin Durant is merely coincidence, according to Westbrook – a wholly unbelievable claim.

But one person who won’t call Westbrook on that: Durant.

Durant, via Chris Haynes of ESPN:

“I don’t care about what nobody wear to the game. Who gives a s—. I don’t care what he wore.”

I’m unconvinced Durant doesn’t care. It was clearly intended as a dig at him.

But I have no idea how he’d feel about it.

Pointing out that he enjoys photography isn’t exactly an insult, but considering the source, Westbrook sure isn’t celebrating Durant’s interest, either. It’s just another statement of fact.

You were born in 1988. You have an older brother. You enjoy photography.