Enes Kanter and Kevin Durant jaw during game, Durant lands parting shot after


Jerami Grant challenged Kevin Durant.

That was already going poorly for the Thunder by the time Enes Kanter egged on Durant further. Even Steven Adams saw just how bad idea Kanter’s trash talk was, trying to get his teammate to stop.


He was talking to me, but how many minutes did he play? Three minutes. I’m trying to focus on whoever is on the court. He’s trying to talk to me from the sideline, you know? But I’m sure he’s going to put something on Twitter tonight.

Durant’s retort landed.

Kanter has fully backed Russell Westbrook, and to Kanter, that includes besmirching Durant on Twitter.

From insinuating Durant betrayed Oklahoma City:

To using Durant’s photo in The Players Tribune to exalt Westbrook:

To piggy-backing on a cupcake sneak diss that the Thunder used before Kanter arrived in Oklahoma City:

Kanter is jockeying for attention, and beefing with the famous and infamous Durant might be Kanter’s best path for it. But, as Durant pointed out, this feud is extremely lopsided on the court. And by predicting Kanter will reply on Twitter, that leaves Kanter either proving Durant right, just staying quiet or raising the stakes with real words – and, again, we saw how that went last night.

I think Durant would be happy with any outcome.