Stephen Curry on Ray Allen: “To me, he’s the greatest shooter ever”


When Stephen Curry someday hangs up his Under Armours and walks away from the NBA, he will go down as the greatest shooter the game has ever seen.

But all greats build upon the players that came before them, that set the standard.

For Curry, Ray Allen set the standard. Chris Haynes of ESPN asked Curry about Allen as Allen has announced he is officially retiring from the game.

“To me, he’s the greatest shooter ever because of his longevity,” Curry told ESPN of the future Hall of Famer’s career. “He did it year-to-year and he got up on his shot. That’s what made him different. He was a special player.”

Allen still holds the record for most made three-pointers in a career, 2,973. Curry will someday break that (Curry got to 1,600 much faster than Allen).

Curry said Allen’s records like that are goals for him to shoot for — which is what they greats do, they set the bar, and the next generations try to clear it. Allen will go down as one of the greatest shooters the game has ever seen, with as pure a stroke as you will ever find. He set the bar high.

Curry will clear it.