Bulls’ Fred Hoiberg leads betting odds to be first coach fired

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Who will be the first coach fired?

Bovada provides the betting odds:

  • Bulls’ Fred Hoiberg 2/1
  • Pelicans’ Alvin Gentry 9/4
  • 76ers’ Brett Brown 3/1
  • Jazz’s Quin Snyder  6/1
  • Bucks’ Jason Kidd 7/1
  • Raptors’ Dwane Casey 20/1

None of these are good bets – which is the point. The house isn’t trying to accurately portray the race. It’s trying to make money.

I almost wonder whether Hoiberg is there as a decoy, to get potential bettors to believe they’re cunningly choosing someone with lower odds. Chicago’s 3-0 start has calmed a lot of doubt about Hoiberg and the Bulls’ fit with each other.

Gentry is probably the best bet here. New Orleans is 0-4, and its star player, Anthony Davis, is frustrated. With general manager Dell Demps seemingly on the hot seat, Gentry could be the scapegoat for an underwhelming roster starting slowly.

And don’t rule out Brown. As secure as he feels, another dreadful start in Philadelphia could put pressure on him. The 76ers desperately want to present themselves as a team that cares about winning now.Firing the coach is often a method for ownership/management to show it means business.

Snyder is an especially awful bet. Utah is good ans hasn’t yet built up expectations.