Report: Phil Jackson met with Knicks to address how they spoke with media

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

It took only one loss – to the defending-champion Cavaliers, no less – but Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony questioned whether the Knicks should run more pick-and-roll or triangle, and Rose also offered some blunt assessments.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

It reached the point that, according to one player, Knicks president Phil Jackson briefly met with the team either Thursday or Friday to discuss some of the comments they made to the media.

Players complaining publicly can be a cause or symptom of a problem. It’s usually both.

Jackson can try to reign in his players’ public comments, but that goes only so far. It’s more important to address the underlying issue.

Win, and Jackson won’t have to worry about players griping in the media. They won’t want to.

Beating the Grizzlies in the Knicks’ second game helped. Topping the Pistons tonight would go further. But if the offense lags in losses and players are unhappy, it will matter only so much whether players express their displeasure to the media.

Stated publicly or not, players’ demeanors matter. Jackson and coach Jeff Hornacek must do all they can to provide a quality roster and an optimal strategy, and that will please players, who will convey that to the press.