Gorgui Dieng assists Andrew Wiggins by bouncing pass off his head (VIDEO)

Getty Images

Gorgui Dieng didn’t get an assist for this play, which is an affront to the game of basketball itself. Dr. James Naismith would be ashamed of how this play was scored if he were alive today. I know I am.

Here’s the setup. Minnesota Timberwolves C Karl-Anthony Towns tried to pass to fellow big man Gorgui Dieng in the high post against the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night. Instead of catching the ball, Dieng missed and it conveniently ricocheted off his cranium into the waiting hands of Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins then hit a 3-pointer:


Somehow it was Towns and not Dieng and who was credited with an assist. I suppose this means the statistician was assuming intent by Towns to bonk his teammate in the head with a ball. I am distraught.

Minnesota beat Memphis, 116-80.