Earl Watson doesn’t want Suns players following opponents on Twitter

earl watson suns
Associated Press

Those dang Millennials and their Twitter. Back in my day players weren’t friends with their rivals. AAU culture has ruined basketball!

Take any of these tried and true stereotypical Old Head sayings and pair liberally as needed to what I’m going to tell you next: Phoenix Suns coach Earl Watson does not want his players following their opponents on Twitter.

This is a weird position to have. Specifically because Watson, 37, is one of the youngest coaches in the NBA and has a reputation for being a player’s coach.

Watson’s last season as a player was in 2013-14, which means he’s been deep into the phone culture of current NBA locker rooms. It’s odd that he apparently believes something as simple as following somebody back on Twitter could hurt your competitive edge.

One could also surmise you could go the other direction and follow all of your opponents as an information gathering service to help you trash talk.

Like, let’s say someone is backing you down in the post and you can just say, “I saw your tweet about Cobb salad, just so you know Cobb salad is trash. Who puts egg on lettuce?”

Anyway, to each his own.

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