Stephen Curry becomes fastest player in NBA history to 1,600 threes

Getty Images

This may be the least surprising broken record in NBA history.

Stephen Curry hit the 1,600th three-pointer of his career during the Warriors win over the Pelicans on Friday. He got there faster than anyone in NBA history.

That’s just ridiculous. As was the 402 threes Curry hit last season to set the single-season record (a record he won’t break this season, not with Kevin Durant in town).

By the time he walks away from the game, Curry will have virtually every three-point shooting record in the book — he will go down as the greatest shooter the game has ever seen. Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Dennis Scott, and a host of others deserve all the accolades they get, but nobody has the accuracy, quick release, and ability to shoot off the catch and bounce that Curry has brought to the game.