Report: Spurs deny any kind of trade talks involving LaMarcus Aldridge

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There have been a couple of reports this preseason suggesting the Spurs could come around to the idea of trading LaMarcus Aldridge, the latest coming from the highly-respected Jackie McMullan of ESPN. There have been questions about his fit off the court with the button-down Spurs organization, whether or not he was happy sharing the spotlight (an issue that was at the heart of the friction he had in Portland with Brandon Roy then Damian Lillard).

But did you really think the Spurs were going to rush into anything in the short term? That’s about as likely as the third presidential debate being a thoughtful, civil policy discussion. The Spurs have not made a move toward moving Aldridge, and they may never take that step. Jeff McDonald and Jabari Young break it all down at the San Antonio Express-News.

Spurs sources denied the report, saying no talks have occurred with any team….

They do not enter 2016-17 with the immediate intention of rebuilding in aftermath of Tim Duncan’s retirement. They did not sign Pau Gasol to a $31 million contract and bring Manu Ginobili back at $14 million with designs on scrapping everything and starting over.

Still, if their season goes unexpectedly south, league sources believe the Spurs might be tempted to investigate what return they might get for Aldridge.

So to be clear: If the Spurs — who most prognosticators see as the third or fourth best team in the NBA, a team on its way to at least 55 wins once again — struggle they might start to explore trade packages. Might. Don’t go counting on Aldridge coming to your team anytime soon.

The Spurs are going to make as good a run as they can at Golden State this season, and if that doesn’t pan out maybe next summer changes come. But don’t expect a rushed mid-season move, that’s just not who Gregg Popovich and the Spurs are.