Jurors pose for photos with Derrick Rose, judge cracks Lakers joke

AP Photo/Nick Ut

Derrick Rose was cleared in his civil rape trial.

Unlike other high-profile cases involving athletes, police were/are investigating Rose once information of a potential crime came to light. Rose had his day in court, evidence presented and witnesses called on his behalf and against him.

And the jury ruled in his favor. No criminal charges have been filed, and given this trial and verdict, criminal charges seem unlikely.

We’ll never know exactly what happened between Rose, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton and Jane Doe. But I believed the verdict, barring new information, meant we should allow Rose to move on with his life without forever ever being associated with rape. That was far better than the alternative – a society that perpetually condemns someone for being accused even after a fair trial brings a favorable verdict.

Well, here’s new information.

Julia Marsh of the New York Post:

“Best wishes,” Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald told Rose. “Except when the Knicks play the Lakers,” he joked.

Joel Rubin of the Los Angeles Times:

Diana Moskovitz of Deadspin on two jurors:

Jared said he doesn’t watch sports, while John said he did but wasn’t a Rose fan. After speaking with reporters, both went back inside to get their pictures taken with Rose and his attorney Mark Baute.

At best: The jurors soberly assessed Rose’s liability and, only after determining none, felt comfortable posing for pictures with him. The judge cracked a joke only with a similar understanding.

At worst: It’s indicative of a legal system that treats famous differently and usually better.

Either way: It feels gross and makes it harder for Rose to achieve the closure he desires, even after enduring a trial that ended with a verdict in his favor.