Charley Barkley on Kevin Durant-boosted Warriors: ‘I just don’t think you can win a championship shooting jumpers’

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Charles Barkley lost.

The Warriors won.

Golden State’s 2015 title invalidated Barkley’s claim that a jumps-shooting team can’t win a title.

Really, it was always silly to define the Warriors, who took the seventh-highest percentage of their shots from beyond the arc and ranked first in points allowed per possession, as a jump-shooting team rather than a defensive team. Heck, the whole argument was silly, because the 2013 Heat won a championship with an outside-heavy offense.

Golden State’s title just completely obliterated the discussion.

Yet, Barkley can’t let it go.

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report:

I don’t think Barkley really believes this. It’s just part of his shtick. And, yes, I’m guilty of indulging him.

But there are people who take Barkley seriously as analyst – even though he (hypocritically) criticized Durant for ring chasing… by joining a team Barkley says can’t win a title.