Steve Kerr says JaVale McGee likely to get Warriors final roster spot

Getty Images

It looks like JaVale McGee is back in the NBA — and the NBA is just more fun when he is in it.

McGee entered Warriors training camp without a guaranteed contract, but he impressed Andre Iguodala and others to the point that coach Steve Kerr said it looks like McGee will be a Warrior opening night.

I like this move as depth up front for the Warriors. Zaza Pachulia will get the bulk of the minutes at center (when the Warriors use a traditional center), behind him is the often-injured Anderson Varejao. McGee is far more athletic than either of those two and can bring something to the table in certain matchups.

McGee’s not going to get a ton of run, remember he played just 34 games off the bench for Dallas last season, and was in 23 games the season before that due to injury. But he’s a good end-of-the-bench fit who maybe evolves into someone with regular minutes later in the season.