Matthew Dellavedova trick shot? We got that.

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Matthew Dellavedova got paid to jump from the champs to Milwaukee and take on a bigger role with a young, up-and-coming Bucks team.

He’s got the ball in his hands more at certain points, and it’s the preseason, so sometimes he’s getting himself in positions he’s not used to. Monday night that led to a circus shot against the Pistons and… damn.

Dellavedova has been about what you’d expect of him in the preseason — gritty, shooting well enough that you need to respect him, and hustling. He’s going to have to work off the ball more as Giannis Antetokounmpo plays the point-forward, but he is used to that from his time in Cleveland.

Jason Kidd trusts him. Probably not to take many more of those shots, however.