Doc Rivers’ stomps on DeAndre Jordan’s dream of Chris Bosh joining Clippers

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Chris Bosh is not giving up on his return to the NBA. The Heat have moved on, they are not bringing him back, but when they waive Bosh other teams are likely to give him a shot.

DeAndre Jordan said he wanted the Clippers to be that team.

Coach/GM/guy with the hammer Doc Rivers shot that down, via TMZ.

“I love him, but I doubt it, I don’t know” Rivers said when asked if the team would pursue Bosh. “I want him to be healthy, that’s more important.”

I think everyone feels that’s more important, Bosh included. The question is could he safely play on some blood-thinner regimes that would have the drugs out of his system during games and practices? If doctors do not agree on this — and based on what has come out of Bosh’s camp, not all of them do — then it’s going to be a challenge for both the league and other teams when it comes time to decide if he can play again. There are no good answers for Miami here.

I still expect that eventually the league, players’ union, and Bosh will come to some negotiated deal. But that could go a lot of different directions still.