DeAndre Jordan: Chris Bosh should join Clippers

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Heat are apparently done with Chris Bosh. They won’t make official until at least March, but he appears headed out of Miami. Yet, he seemingly still wants to play.

Where should he go?

DeAndre Jordan, via TMZ:

He should come to the Clippers.

I’d come off the bench.

Sometimes, paparazzi bait people into a concocted story. But this one was asking about Bosh’s general health concerns, not which team Bosh should join. Though he did it with a laugh, Jordan brought up the Clippers on his own.

Bosh on the Clippers would be quite intriguing – a versatile player who could play power forward with Jordan or center with Blake Griffin. It won’t happen for the 2017 playoffs, but Bosh could help the Clippers secure a higher seed late in the regular season. He could also be eligible for full future years.

If he’s deemed healthy enough to play safely.

And if that happens, way more teams than just the Clippers will come calling.