LeBron James is totally not pitching you Sprite in this new Sprite ad (VIDEO)


I’m not usually a fan of advertising, especially the kind that tries to go all meta but sort of falls on its face.

But this … this my friends, is different. Or at least, much, much better.


LeBron James is the star of this Sprite ad, which is supposed to be some kind of non-pitch, pitch for Sprite. It features Lil Yachty, a 19-year-old rapper that I’m not sure LeBron even knows who he is. But he’s playing a piano in an ice cave, so let’s overlook that.

The premise is pretty simple, with LeBron totally not pitching you Sprite in this Sprite ad, a theme which confronts the often-ridiculous nature of advertising head-on.

It’s funny, LeBron of course is a great personality, and it has this guy: