Report: Bucks discussing trade of Michael Carter-Williams to Chicago for Tony Snell

Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks are reportedly discussing a trade before the season has even started. According to Marc Stein and Zach Lowe of ESPN, the Bucks are considering sending former Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams to Chicago for wingman Tony Snell.

This is a bit puzzling for several reasons, mostly because the Bulls — already at a dearth of shooting — would be grabbing another ball-handler who can’t score from distance. Chicago already has Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade anchoring their new backcourt alongside Jimmy Butler.

For Milwaukee, Snell would add another lanky wing to their roster and move Carter-Williams, long-considered a tradable piece. He would also help act as a stopgap, both as a shooter and as a defender with Khris Middleton out and expected to miss around 70 games. Snell has been disappointing during his first few seasons in Chicago, and he’s a league-average shooter from 3-point range.

In any case, let’s get weird with some NBA preseason trades between division rivals.