Joe Lacob says other owners mad about Warriors signing Kevin Durant, ‘sorry’

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said it’s not good for the league that Kevin Durant went to the Warriors and made them overwhelming title favorites.

Silver might feel that way, but he was also probably speaking on behalf of about 29 of his 30 bosses – the owners of the NBA’s other teams. There’s definitely a belief in Golden State those other owners are upset.

Warriors owner Joe Lacob, via Monte Poole of CSN Bay Area:

“I know there are a lot of other owners and teams that are mad at us, at me,” Lacob said Monday. “I felt that very much when I was in Las Vegas this summer.

“Sorry, we got him. We worked hard until we got him.”

The Warriors are excellent facetious apologizers.

I suspect they’ll be pretty good at basketball, too – which should provide even more opportunities for these fantastic “apologies.”